BOOMscat Heats Up Yuna & Usher’s ‘Crush’


The Peace & Body Roll Duo BOOMscat are back with some hot fiyah to declare their love for Yuna and Usher‘s single “Crush.” The Washington, D.C. natives remade the track to add their funky, soulful flair to the sweet single we didn’t think could get any better. Like the original, BOOMscat take it slow but add more percussion and cyber instrumentation to increase your pulse a few more beats per minute. In their rendition, Jennifer Patience Rowe (vocals) and Asha Santee (instrumentals) master the art of turn-up soul that invokes the true butterfly feelings of an innocent crush.

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Staying true to their age, BOOMscat respects the R&B Yuna and Usher provide but adds a little more turn-up to the end of the track. The soulful remix will have you keeping BOOMscat’s version of “Crush” on repeat. It may even make you have some feelings for the group, whose last EP, No Life Jacket, was released at the top of the year. If that’s the case, you can successfully stalk them on their SoundCloud and Facebook pages. Until we get more aural goodies from BOOMscat, see if your heart flutters for the duo when you listen to their rendition of Yuna and Usher’s “Crush” below.

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