Alyson Williams & Dean James Wish You A 'Happy Holiday'


Looking for more Christmas music to add to your playlist? Songstress Alyson Williams is celebrating over 25 years in music with her first-ever Christmas single "Happy Holiday." Ms. Williams is back at it after taking a 10-year break, and she's bringing cheer to the holiday season with her jazz-filled offering. Produced with longtime collaborator Herb Middleton, the single also features acclaimed saxophonist Dean James, who sprinkle the instrumentals with upbeat horns and keys. Don't miss the sleigh bells ringing in the background, as Alyson serenades you with her velvety smooth vocals and mocha sweet harmonies.

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"I've always wanted to do a Christmas album, but was never able to record it," says Williams in a press release. "With all the acrimony, vitriol, and hateful messaging during this Election season, we decided to release a single for the holiday and follow-up with a Christmas album next year." Alyson also performs spoken word towards the end of the track, taken from Dr. Maya Angelou's poem, "Amazing Peace."

Alyson has a lot in store for 2017, including her upcoming single "Happy Life, Happy Wife," set to be released in January. She takes her new single on the road, performing at Christmas and Kwanzaa gatherings across New York City, as she prepares to go on a 30-city national tour next year. You can bring some happy vibes to your holidays when you purchase "Happy Holidays" on iTunes or Amazon  today. Listen to Alyson's new single below and finish up your Christmas shopping with a jazzy pep in your step.

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