The Internet’s Steve Lacy Wants To Give You ‘Some’


The talent pool within The Internet runs deep. In case you weren’t able to see beyond the star power of the band’s founders Syd Tha Kid and Matt Martians, allow us to point you in the direction of the group’s guitar player Steve Lacy. The teenaged (yes, teenaged) musician has dropped a loosie here and there on SoundCloud, but now he’s ready to fully dive into solo territory with his upcoming project, Steve Lacy’s Demo, and its lead single “Some.”

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“Some” finds Lacy tapping into the disco-tinged funk sounds popularized in the late ’70s, updating it ever so slightly for a modern audience. He utilizes a thick, hypnotic bass line as the song’s foundation, layering on funky rhythm guitar and drums for added effect. They all act together as a canvas for Steve’s vocal to paint upon. He hits us with a self-assured falsetto on the chorus that evokes the longing and lust in the lyrics (“Baby, I want some of your love”). For the verses, though, he alternates between that and layered vocals showing off his natural tone as well as a raspy lower register as he kicks game to the girl whose love he seeks. However, clocking in at just shy of two minutes, the track definitely leaves us wanting more.

Perhaps that’s why Steve also offers up a video for “Some.” The clip finds him anxiously debating whether or not he should ask a shawty out to the prom with his bandmates. Breaking into his vacillation, Syd offers sage advice: “Man, stop being a ho.” That sends young Steve on his way, with him setting up an amp and some rose petals to make his crush an offer she can’t refuse. Of course, this being a video from part of The Internet crew, things don’t go an expected route as the action progresses, but we’ll let you see for yourself what happens.

Since The Internet announced in an interview that more solo projects from the crew will come before the group’s next album, expect a lot more music to come from Steve and the rest of the group’s members soon. In the meantime, you can stream “Some” in full right here and then hop below to check out the track’s video.

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