St. Beauty Wonder Where The Love Went On 'Borders'


When the world was formally introduced to the dynamic duo of Alex Belle and Isis Valentino -- aka St. Beauty -- on the Wondaland Arts Society Eephus compilation, the ladies were more than happy to be “Going Nowhere” with their special someone. Unfortunately, that particular joyride seems to have ended and now the girls have found themselves lost, wandering and wondering where love wandered off to in their latest single, “Borders.” Handpicked by Issa Rae to be featured on her show Insecure, the ladies are giving us another glimpse of their greatness ahead of its premiere on this week's episode of the hit sitcom.

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On “Borders,” Alex and Isis are pretty crestfallen about what we’re guessing was a pretty emotional breakup, lamenting “memories that will remain unknown” and singing songs to their former lover while they’re “halfway to Mexico.” However, the ladies switch gears and change route in the second verse, becoming the escapees in the situation and refusing to "apologize for my freedom. Their pain is underscored by a sound bed courtesy of Jon Jon Traxx, who uses a calm-before-the-storm-esque approach to the production. “Borders” starts off with operatic harmonies that have become a signature of the Wondaland Arts Society clique before a guitar, drums and more instruments find their place in the cool yet haunting groove.

“Borders” is the latest single from the rising stars, following their other loosie (or snack, as they call their music) “With You.” There’s no further news on when we’ll get an LP or EP. However, you can catch the band on tour across the country. Check their website for information on when their tour bus will pull up to a venue near you and check their SoundCloud page for more snacks to come.

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