Solange Makes An Ethereal ‘Saturday Night Live’ Debut


Booking a gig performing on the Saturday Night Live stage is a major look for any artist who is fortunate enough to get the chance, and this past weekend Solange joined the illustrious club of performers invited to take the stage. She did so in her usual eclectic style, bringing a bit of her unique aesthetic and perspective along with her.

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Her first selection was “Cranes In The Sky,” the haunting heart of A Seat at the Table. She and her band took the stage wearing white, with Solo draped in crystals and wearing a braided halo (giving us all kinds of Diana Ross in Mahogany vibes) as she stood in front of the mic. While she sang, the band and backing vocalists moved and grooved along with her, with Solange joining in intervals. Overall, it was an ethereal performance that really gave life to the song.

For her second song, she chose “Don’t Touch My Hair.” Everyone remained dressed in white, with Solange opting for a white pants and a bratop this time around. She also opted to sport her hair in its full glory as a bushy blowout that bounced whenever she moved. And move she did, especially when the song’s chorus hit and collaborator Sampha hit the stage. However, with this performance, Solange’s vocals somehow got lost in the mix — a combination of some obvious nerves, the volume of the horns behind her and the dancing leaving her a bit out of breath. Despite that, she still managed to deliver an interesting and entertaining performance that was truly her own vision.

Check out Solange making her SNL debut in clips below.

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