Sing Along With Avery*Sunshine's 'Come Do Nothing' Lyric Video


It is indeed the perfect day for some much needed sunshine, and Avery*Sunshine is making sure of it with her latest lyric video. The songstress dropped her latest single "Come Do Nothing" just a few weeks ago, and now you can get into all its lyrical goodness. The video features bright, colorful backdrops, featuring her clever lyrics in big, white text. The visuals also include light-hearted animation that brings the song to life. Although it's about the lingering feelings left after a breakup, the track and its lyric video are happy and hopeful.

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"But I can’t sleep at night for wishing you were / I wish you were here with me / Doin' nothin' here with me / I wanna hold you tight / Baby won’t you come on over here with me," she sings. "This is a song that shows the duality that most of us experience in relationships...'I can't live with you but I can't live without you.' What better way to tell your ex or significant other how much you miss them than by telling them to 'come on over...we can do absolutely nothing and I'll be satisfied," says Avery of the song. The video ends with a hilarious voicemail and picture of delicious gumbo. While the voicemail left us in suspense, the gumbo left us hungry.

"Come Do Nothing" serves as the first single from Avery's upcoming album, which is due out in February 2017. It's not a terrible wait, but we're ready to hear what else the songstress has in store for us. If you want to do right by Avery before her album drops, head over to iTunes to add it to your playlist and learn the words to "Come Do Nothing" when you watch the lyric video below.

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