Joyce Wrice Impresses Us With Her 'Rocket Science'


While we love our tried and true voices of soul/R&B, we're also always looking for who might be next up. We think we might've found just that in singer/songwriter Joyce Wrice. The San Diego native came on the scene earlier this year with her six-track EP Stay Around. Then she came back even stronger this month by dropping her latest single, "Rocket Science," and its retro video.

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The song, a smooth, soulful confection crafted by producer MNDSGN in collaboration with Kay Franklin, is reminiscent of old school slow jams. With floating chords and a distorted synth bass, the two craft the perfect groove to wrap Joyce's sweet vocal in. She takes the time to allow the vibe to build before she comes in with her lovestruck lyrics describing the ease of a budding love affair that's got her falling faster than she anticipated.

While the accompanying visual could've taken several different directions, Joyce opts to take the song's title literally. The lo-fi clip finds Joyce playing a space-age cutie who has her eye on a curly-haired mad scientist (played by Franklin). While the low budget graphics would usually make things look janky, the way they're used here comes off as stylistic choices that fit the song's overall aesthetic and have us wanting more from the up-and-coming indie star.

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Check out the video for "Rocket Science" right here and pick up the single, which comes bundled with her song "Play Pretend," on iTunes.

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