Jamie Lidell Offers Much-Needed Optimism With 'Me And You' Lyric Video


The seemingly years-long U.S. presidential election is over and the worst case scenario has become a reality. And if you look at social media, there's rightfully an overall feeling of despair and hopelessness. In the face of a bleak outlook for the future, now more than ever we need music to be a balm to heal some wounds and ease our anxieties. Luckily we have folks like Jamie Lidell to turn to. His magnificent Building A Beginning was released last month and, in response to the election, he's released a lyric video for the inspirational song "Me and You."

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The song, which was used in an ad for Hillary Clinton's campaign, speaks to people coming together to fight against the forces of hate to build something greater than themselves. "Let's get together / Let's turn things around / To make our lives better / Let's take the hate / And flip it over / Love, respect and hold one another," he sings on the opening verse as he preaches his message of togetherness. For the lyric video, he brings the artwork of his album cover to life. An ever-present red background is decorated by animated flowers and leaves as the lyrics appear in golden letters, simply but expressively getting the song's point of unity across.

Though the song might be cold comfort the morning after such a dismaying election result, maybe the hopeful lyrics of "Me and You" might be enough to help brighten your day and possibly your outlook, too.

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