Electric Wire Hustle Sparks A Creative Dance In 'I Light A Candle'


Electric Wire Hustle returns with the hypnotic visuals for their latest single, "I Light A Candle," and the New Zealand-based crew does not disappoint. From the moment we first heard the song back in September, it instantly seemed destined to be a dance floor hit thanks to its slightly-electro dance vibe. Mara TK brings that same vibe to life in this clip.

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Opening with a few quick flashes of fiery flare that seem to be synched with the beat, we then are transported to an outdoor dance circle. The crew, consisting of women of various ages, pop-lock and contort their bodies in slow motion, the passion and joy evident on their faces as they seem to encourage each other to push through. We see them dancing on a set of stairs, sometimes in a choreographed routine and at others performing what seems to be a freestyle. Mara TK said in a statement that the song is based on Aldous Huxley's book Brave New World, which tells the story of a blue-collar girl "grinding it out in the city." These ladies grind it out effortlessly, at times almost looking like they are moving in reverse thanks to the visual effects. The video could easily double as an Adidas commercial, since the ladies are decked out from head-to-toe in the brand's iconic three-stripe-bearing athletic gear. Even with no dialogue, EWH manages to convey the image of strength and unity in the video.

"I Light A Candle" is the third single taken from their latest album, The 11th Sky, available now from your choice of digital retailers.

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