Yuna's 'Poor Heart' Gets A Rather Unique Visual


With this year's Chapters, Malaysian singer/songwriter Yuna released perhaps her best album yet. This album cycle has also seen Yuna deliver some of her most stunning visuals ever. Don't believe us? Just go back and check out her clips for "Places To Go," "Crush," "Lanes" and "Mannequin." She adds another beautiful visual to the list with the clip for latest Chapters single "Poor Heart."

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Like "Mannequin," Yuna opts not to actually appear in this visual. Instead, she leaves that to the video's two young stars, a boy scavenging for a particular item and a rather limber girl. We first meet the boy as a voice over from Yuna ponders what sound the heart makes when it's broken. Soon, the boy finds what he's looking for and brings it to the girl, who is laying flat on the ground until he restores her heart. From there, she gives an exhilarating dance performance before the two stand together in silence watching the distant horizon.

It's quite a different music video and definitely not what you'd expect for the song. However, it works quite well with the song. Peep Yuna's "Poor Heart" visual below and let us know what you think.

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