Wyclef Jean Runs For 'President' In Hilarious Funny Or Die Video


What if Wyclef ran for president? Well, he's showing us what would happen in his latest video for "If I Was President 2016," released in conjunction with Funny or Die. With the video, the former Haitian presidential candidate dusts off his 2008 single to add a little humor to the last few days of the contentious election in the U.S. by giving us a hint of how a day in The White House would look for each candidate.

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The video for the song, which the musician recently performed onThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert, starts with Wyclef portraying Bernie Sanders going to sleep with a healthcare lullaby as members of his Secret Service detail kick off the shenanigans. Later, we see Wyclef in the Oval Office in his signature leather jacket playing guitar with a DJ playing assist. Then the foolery continues as Wyclef portrays Donald Trump — complete with fiery temper and comb-over — and Hillary Clinton dancing and falling asleep at her desk (he accomplishes each role with blonde wigs and powdered face, by the way).

Gif courtesy of The Huffington Post

While the video is indeed a silly mess, the refixed single gets an update as Wyclef talks police brutality and gun violence and will also appear on  J'ouvert, his upcoming EP. If you need something to soothe your spirit as we walk into the last days of the election, purchase "If I Was President 2016" on iTunes and get a few chuckles in when you watch Wyclef get political below.

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