This Election PSA From Anthony Hamilton & The Hamiltones Will ‘Grab’ Your Attention


Is there anything Anthony Hamilton and The Hamiltones can’t sing? We’ve experienced AHam and his team create original humorous pieces and recreate trap anthems. Now they are using their heavenly harmonies to help sway the vote and warn us about the evils of a certain Republican presidential candidate whose name rhymes with “dump.”

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This past week, a recording was released where the candidate expressed that his wealth and power allows him to take certain liberties on a woman’s private parts with no invitation — in other words commit sexual assault. The infamous line, “Grab them by the p***y,” has been embraced by the 24-hour news cycle and was even brought up during the latest Presidential Debate. While this isn’t the first time that the candidate in question’s misogynistic views have been brought to light, never has there been a better sound bite. It’s just the type of thing that The Hamiltones are known for turning into a song.

In a short video, the quartet brings the infamous line to life in a hilarious and eyebrow-raising manner. After a brief disclaimer from Tony Lelo, J. Vito and 2E establishing that they mean no harm or disrespect towards women, video of the Access Hollywood tour bus rolls and the infamous recording is played. The scene changes to inside one of the What I'm Feelin' Tour buses and The Hamiltones are joined by Anthony. The fellas then kick into their equally infamous harmonies to warn us about what That Guy will do to not only women but to the country if he’s elected our next president. And if The Hamiltones singing about a certain word doesn’t quite do it for you, maybe their over-the-top ad libs will.

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While our boys may have gone just a teensy weensy bit too far with this one, as we’re used to them them keeping things fun and light, the message is still timely and still funny. With that said, it’s always great when stars use their platform to inspire people to engage in the political process. Whether you’re voting for a certain redhead with small hands or Secretary Hillary Clinton, we encourage you to register to vote, cast your ballot and pray for our country.

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