The Pendletons, Jimetta Rose & I, Ced Will Help You 'Get Out' & Get Down


Let's face it: times are hard. Jobs are hard to come by and if you're lucky enough to find a good one, you'd better hold on tight. For those times when it's easy to get discouraged, The Pendletons present the perfect theme song with their latest, "Gotta Get Out." While the song won't change your situation, it'll at least change your mood with its upbeat vibe and relatable lyrics.

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For the funky number, members E Da Boss and Trailer Limon call on the help of SB regulars I, Ced and Jimetta Rose to help convey their message of remaining strong in the struggle. The lyrics, though simple, perfectly capture the frustrations of working hard and fighting to stay afloat. Regardless of where you stand in your life at the moment, we've all been at the point where lines such as "Can't make no money / I got so much work to do / I gotta get out / I gotta get out my head" have been all too real. However, sometimes you just have to leave your worries at the door and head straight for the dance floor. The Pendletons make that easy with this irresistible song that is steeped in the feel-good groove of the disco era.

"Gotta Get Out" is the first single taken from The Pendletons' debut EP of the same name, which is due out November 18th on Voltaire Records. Described as highlighting "the hardships of life and love in modern society," the Gotta Get Out EP definitely sounds like something that we'll be adding to our collections soon.

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