Teedra Moses Gets Us Deep Into The Groove In ‘Skin Diver’


Around these parts we love us some Teedra Moses. The underrated songstress has rocked our world since her Complex Simplicity days and we’ve enjoyed every step of her evolution since, especially her most recent collection, Cognac & Conversation“Skin Diver,” the set’s flirtation with electronic music produced with collaborator Boddhi Satva, was perhaps the track that really got us open, though. Sensual and fun, it was a different side of Teedra than we’d heard before that left us wanting more. While we probably have to wait a bit more to hear other forays into this new territory, Teedra has graciously given us a video for the track that captures the song’s feel and mood perfectly.

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Teedra takes us to an eclectic day party for the black-and-white visual, with sun spilling in from a large picture window into a spacious room. As tiny mirrored disco balls roll on the floor, Teedra coyly makes eyes at the camera and a chocolate-colored cutie that she flirts with. The sensual music and use of close up makes it all feel rather intimate, even when several of her friends (we see you, Durand Bernarr!) join in on the party. Maybe it’s because they all make us want to join in on the festivities. Or maybe it’s because Teedra just has a way of drawing us in using only her voice and a smile. Either way, we see repeat viewings in our future.

Get caught up in Teedra’s seductive groove when you check out the video for “Skin Diver” belwo.

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