Kiki Kyte Is A Fly 'Disco Chick'


You know when a video opens with the singer dressed in a blue and yellow stripped leotard, gold cape, red leg warmers and rainbow roller skates that you are in for a treat, honey! With a blowout as big as her personality, singer Kiki Kyte serves up all that and '70s realness in the music video for her song “Disco Chick.”

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Hailing from California by way of the Carolinas, Kiki Kyte is a vibrant, carefree Black woman pouring her all into this disco homage. As the clip begins, Kiki fiercely climbs down a set of metal stairs in her skates then twirls once she gets to a flat surface as she sings, “Don’t you let life weigh you down,” to the melody of the Earth, Wind & Fire classic “Keep Your Head to the Sky.” We quickly move to an American Bandstand-style set where Ms. Kiki sprinkles Black Girl Magic everywhere while she sings, dances and prances in stilettos. With every twirl of her patterned cape and hair flip she has the viewer hypnotized.

“Disco Chick” is a fun, feel-good video that celebrates what disco was without being a corny imitation. With a nod to Nile Rodgers and Chic in her lyrics, Kiki breathes new life into the genre with a song that sounds like it's straight outta 1978. Kiki Kyte does disco right.

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Watching this video will have you ready to pull out your liquid leggings and sequined tube top and start a Soul Train line wherever you are. Boogie on down to Kiki Kyte's authentic disco groove right here, find more funky jams on her SoundCloud page and join us in waiting for more from this beautiful spirit.

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