Get 'W.E.T.' With Paloma Ford's Latest


Despite the fact that her name recently has been on gossip blogs for reasons other than her music, singer Paloma Ford is back to remind listeners that music remains her main boo with her latest single, "W.E.T." On the slinky, slow-burn of a ballad, Ford croons seductively about the effect a certain someone has on her.

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While there's nothing game-changing about the song, "W.E.T." is far from intolerable. It falls right into the same vibe as the current influx of radio-friendly R&B complete with tweaked vocals, thumping bass and the slightest hint of electronica. As we prepare to enter cuffing season, "W.E.T." will likely find itself on many a mood-setting playlist — and for good reason. Ford does a great job at setting the tone with her breathy vocals and ability to cut-to-the-chase about what it is she's been craving.

"W.E.T." is the follow-up single to last year's "Jada." Both songs are taken from her upcoming EP, Nearly Civilized, which, after several delays, will finally be released October 7th. See if Ford can get you in the mood and then head over to iTunes to pre-order the seven-track EP.

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