'Fall' Deeper In Love With Chloe x Halle


The Bailey sisters, better known as Chloe x Halle, are enjoying a breakout 2016. The sister act dropped into our laps with the music video for their debut single "Drop," taken from their critically acclaimed EP Sugar Symphony, back in April. Seasons have since passed, and they are helping to usher in autumn with something new, the music video for their song "Fall."

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"Fall" is the final song on Sweet Symphony and it is a stunning end to the five-track project, showcasing both sisters' soaring voices over a dramatic piano concerto. For the visuals, Chloe x Halle keep it just as exciting. Filmed under blue skies and beaming sunshine, we see the duo walking, running and sitting on white sand dunes as they trade lead vocals. They may sing about precipitation in the song ("So what if the rain falls? / Let’s find the gold at the end of the rainbow"), but there isn't a menacing cloud to be seen on this clear day while they simply enjoy each other's company as siblings often do. As the sun sets and night falls, the sisters are then seen wrapped up in a large piece of sheer red fabric that billows in the wind yet keeps them connected. It all makes for a captivating clip that pushes Chloe x Halle's artistry to another level and sets them apart from their peers.

Be sure to pick up Sugar Symphony if you haven't already on Amazon, iTunes or Google Play.

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