'Don't Play' With Louis York


Louis York -- the duo comprised of multi-platinum hit makers Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony -- return with their newest single “Don’t Play,” from their forthcoming EP Masterpiece Theater Act II.

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After breaking from the burden of crafting ubiquitous jams for the likes of Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Mary J. Blige, singer/songwriter Kelly and multi-instrumentalist Harmony have endeavored to take a left-field approach to their independent musical stylings. Where their lauded debut hung its hat on hard-to-pin-down influences and genres, “Don’t Play” is content to take the path well traveled.

Sprinting from the starting line with an infectious piano progression weaving with Claude Kelly’s raspy vocal delivery, “Don’t Play” quickly ramps up the energy with a driving Chicago house beat. The production pairs thoughtful construction and layering of keyboard and synth elements with well-placed moments of space and room. The result is a track that feels ready to grace the hottest dance floor, or, conversely, flit in the background of the trendiest young adult clothing store at your local mega mall.

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“Don’t Play” is inoffensive, void of anything substantial, but catchy nonetheless. Perhaps Kelly and Harmony floated this track as a way to gauge audience response, or, better yet, interest, in their second act: a safer, more mainstream Louis York. Masterpiece Theater Act II is set to drop on November 16th.

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