Dannis Winston Takes On Different Roles As '4black men'


We were already loving Dannis Winston’s new single “4black men,” but now he’s gone and created a visual to go along with this penetrating track that, simply put, is a masterpiece.  Much more than a music video, it’s quite literally a mini-motion picture. As Winston basically becomes each one of the characters he describes in the song, we watch as he portrays the old man, the young man, the homeless man and the homosexual. In between, we catch glimpses of Winston, as himself, as his face submerges and re-emerges out of water. Finally, just as the song’s key change at the end brilliantly evokes the hopefulness we all cling to these days, the video ends with shot of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as they waved at the crowd while walking down Pennsylvania Avenue during the 2013 Inaugural Parade.

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The "4black men" video is the perfect accompaniment to a truly powerful, timely song. The genius of it all lies in the fact that, even if you don’t personally identify with any one of the individuals captured in the lyrics, the visual pulls you in so that you might relate. Suddenly, the feelings, the worries, the struggles and, finally, the resilience seems so familiar. We are all fighting one battle, and Dannis Winston is wielding his artistic weapon wisely.

Lose yourself in Dannis Winston’s video “4black men” below, and add his recently released EP, Master Class, to your collection.

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