Cody ChesnuTT Prepares Us For His Upcoming Album With ‘I Stay Ready’


Just a couple weeks ago, our main man Cody ChesnuTT hit us with the double whammy of his new single, “Bullets In The Street And Blood” and its video. The soulful joint got political, addressing gun violence and police brutality and how the issues could affect the future generation. The next single from his upcoming My Love Divine Degree, “I Stay Ready,” finds Cody on a less serious note as the track is all about the song’s vibe.

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Cody bases the song around a rocking guitar groove, with the album’s producer Twilite Tone adding programmed drums and a synth track to flesh out Cody’s riffs. Meanwhile, the song is light on lyrics outside of Cody making a very specific request of the DJ: “Please don’t play another song if it don’t feel this good.” And with its foot-tap inducing feel, we have to agree with Mr. ChesnuTT. In fact, it sounds like a natural progression from the rock/soul hybrids from his lo-fi Headphone Masterpiece days. This is especially true of song’s 30-second coda, which strips back to a simpler version of the synth, guitar riff and drums, giving your speakers something to bump to before signing off.

You can stream “I Stay Ready” below and pick up the single right now on iTunes, Amazon and Google PlayMy Love Divine Degree is set to arrive in stores in February 2017.

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