Chill With Arima Ederra In Her 'Garden'


Wrapped in the silk of an ethereal groove and gilded with a skillfully restrained golden voice, Arima Ederra’s “In My Garden” is a smooth, sultry offering from the Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and visual artist’s forthcoming EP, Temporary Fixes.

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Having worked with artists as varied as Chance the Rapper, JSMN and Dizzy Wright, Arima Ederra steps out on her own with her new single, singing “Now I’m here, ready to sprout” -- a declaration as much as a statement of hope and expectation.

“In My Garden” is flush with hints of Ederra’s yearnings to stand apart as an artist. Her vocal delivery is full of character and expression, and while it never really soars above the treeline, her voice is budding with a smooth, seductive quality. The track’s production, by Jack Hyde, breezily surrounds Ederra; keyboards, programmed beats and synths abound, but like latter-day Radiohead, it all sounds expressly human, with an organic undertone.

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Pre-order Temporary Fixes from her Bandcamp page in advance of its November 15th release date. Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy your time in Arima Ederra’s “In My Garden.”

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