Avery*Sunshine's 'Come Do Nothing' Is Everything


Getting new music from Avery*Sunshine always has a way of making us feel like a kid on Christmas morning. That's because no matter how long we have to wait, one thing's for certain: she's gonna blow it out the water.

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She stays true to form with her latest single, "Come Do Nothing." The track, which premiered earlier today on Essence.com finds the vocal powerhouse struggling through parting ways with her ex. Although she's already heard through the grapevine that he has moved on with someone new and she insists she is also seeing someone new, she can't disguise the lingering feelings she has for him. Nowhere is that more evident than at the end of the song when she calls to let her ex know that she has his things packed if he is ready to slide through to pick them up. In one breath she's telling him that he won't even have to ring the bell because she'll have his belongings on the porch, while in the other breath, she "lets slip" that she'll be inside cooking gumbo ya know, just in case he decides to ring the bell. Her ex calls back before she can finish leaving her voicemail, leaving us in the dark about whether or not he takes her up on her offer for that bowl of gumbo.

It's a funny and lighthearted take on something we've all likely been through before in knowing that you need to move on from a toxic situation and yet still wanting that old thang back. The horn-fueled and vibrant mid-tempo track provides the perfect vehicle for Avery to flex the vocals and writing chops that have made her one of soul music's best and brightest talents. "Come Do Nothing" is the first single taken from her upcoming album, which is due out in February 2017. It also marks the first new music we've gotten from the Philly native and Atlanta resident since last December. Though you can't blame us for being a little impatient at having to wait until next year to get her album in our hands, we already know that it'll be well worth it if this single is any indication. So sit back, enjoy and head over to iTunes to add this one to your musical collection.

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