Abhi//Dijon Take Us To ‘Montana’ With ‘Ignore’ & ‘Often’


We’ve all been there. Once we’ve truly had enough of someone’s foolishness, we are ready to cut all ties. We might even look back and regret all the time wasted. On their new track “Ignore” singer/songwriter/producer duo Abhi Raju and Dijon Duenas, collectively known as Abhi//Dijon, are so fed up they declare, “I should’ve crept with your homegirl…or your sister.” While most of us wouldn’t take it all the way there, we can certainly relate to the feelings associated with love gone badly.

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But wait, there’s a plot twist! Deliberate or not, the same day the duo released a track in which they vow to hit the ignore button next time that dreadful ex-significant other calls, they also dropped “Often,” where they reminisced about a past love. Have we had a change of heart? Or, are we working our way back to the love that once told you, “I can’t wait forever”? The song, and the accompanying video, is simple and somber. There’s a warm and cozy feel to both, much like that of young love. In the video, we accompany Dijon, the vocalist of the duo, as he travels along the highways, by-ways and rest stops with his love. Regardless of whether the sequential release of the two jams was intended to continue the love story, we are here for it all.

Both songs will be featured on Abhi//Dijon’s upcoming EP entitled Montana, due to be released October 11th. The Maryland duo created quite a following since the release of their self-titled EP in 2013, and another entitled Stay Up in September 2015. Their signature sound can be described as a modernized take on traditional R&B, while keeping things soft and simple. Get familiar with Abhi//Dijon below, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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