Yuna Explores A Broken Relationship Through Dance In 'Mannequin'


Yuna is not one to shy away from matters of the heart, and she's wearing her heart on her sleeve in her latest single "Mannequin." The Malaysian songstress unveiled the visual for the emotional ballad, using dance to perfectly illustrate a broken relationship. Yuna enlists the help of her friends Mercedes Drisdom and Kenan Peters to choreograph a dramatic performance to go along with the track. The two stars of the video also happen to be married. Yuna is not seen but is heard singing as the dancers move in sync and she sings emotional lyrics like, "I don't know what it means to feel whole / You're next to me, but I feel so cold with you / I will be your mannequin, love / Moving my lips the way that you want / Remain the same whenever you walk away." Directed by Brian Oh, who also directed her video for "Lanes," the visuals are captivating and stunning as we watch the couple start their day in cold silence but end it with a warm embrace.

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The single serves as the opening song of her new album Chapters, which you should have by now. In case you missed it, she's so far released "Places To Go," the Usher duet "Crush" and "Lanes."  You can still pick up Chapters on iTunes or catch the singer on tour in a city near you. If you have yet to witness Yuna's unique ability to give you the feels, press play to watch her video for "Mannequin" right here.

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