Sevyn Streeter Gets Sultry In 'My Love For You' Visual


Sevyn Streeter is on a steady rollout as she readies her debut album, Girl Disrupted, for its January arrival. Until then, she's promised to give us something new each month until its release. Last week, she turned us on with her new single "My Love For You." Now she's giving us the song's new video, and we must say that it's a steamy one.

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Sevyn's never been one to shy away from sexuality, and she doesn't do that here either. The Mike Ho-directed clip shows our girl putting her sex appeal into overdrive as she coos the songs lyrics. In one scene, she dons a tight red bodysuit and red strappy heels as she slides and grinds across the hood of a drop-top black Impala. In another, she gets a little hands-y with a male co-star as wind machine whips her wavy hair every which way. The bulk of the clip, however, focuses on Sevyn and a quartet of dancers bumping and grinding their way through a seductive dance routine choreographed by none other than the famed Fatima Robinson. Though she might not be on the level of a Ciara or Tinashe in the dance department, Sevyn holds her own and is sure to fog up your glasses after after a couple of views.

With more in store from the singer/songwriter, we're anxious to see what she'll do to top this one next month. We'll just have to replay this clip a few dozen times until then.

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