Robert Glasper Sings While The Robert Glasper Experiment Is 'Thinkin Bout You'


Robert Glasper Experiment's ArtScience is on the way and will be in our hands and on our playlists very, very soon. But before it arrives in stores, the quartet is giving us an extra special gift. If you've been waiting to hear Robert Glasper sing, your prayers have been answered. Yes, you read that correctly. Pianist/songwriter/producer (and now singer) Robert Glasper sings — with a bit of digital help — on Robert Glasper Experiment's latest single "Thinkin Bout You."

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Despite the spelling similarities between them, the song isn't a cover of Frank Ocean's breakthrough single (though, fellas, there's an idea). Instead, it's a wholly original tune that finds Mr. Glasper musing on a special lady that stays on his mind. Robert doesn't do anything to amazing vocally here. There are no runs or riffs or blowout high notes to be accounted for, nor is there any risk that Rob will give your favorite crooner a run for their money. However, his voice does offer a simple soulfulness to the song that works very well, especially with the production here, which is a departure from what we've heard from the crew. Even with the Black Radio projects, which are deeply rooted in R&B, there was the experimentation and improvisational feel of jazz involved. But from the synth stabs to the constantly ticking hi-hats and handclaps, "Thinkin Bout You" is a more thoughtful take on modern R&B — one that we are most definitely here for.

If you've ever been curious as to what Glasper would sound like on the mic or you just want a smooth, easygoing song to take you into the week, then we recommend that you kick back, relax and check out "Thinkin Bout You" right here. Look for ArtScience to hit stores this Friday. Pre-order the album now on Amazon or iTunes.

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