Nissi Finds Her Partner In Crime On 'Criminal'

Nissi Criminal Artwork

We recently reviewed newcomer Nissi's single "Pay Attention," where she encouraged the developed world to do more, or at least do something about the planet's woes. Looking at the title of her next single, "Criminal," you could be misled into thinking that politics will be a running theme in her forthcoming EP, Downtown, which is scheduled for release in October.

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Alas, you would be wrong. Young Nissi's just getting her Bonnie and Clyde on. The song, which starts with a fairly slick bass riff and finger snaps, combines guitar, horns, synth and drums, and Nissi starts singing about a significant someone who in one breath has her feeling indecisive ("Would be wise to run, but I hesitate'') and in the next breath has her ready to go ("Okay you win, I'm banking everything"). "Criminal"'s funk and jazz influenced beat teamed with Nissi's vocals, complement the type of attraction that she sings about in the lyrics.

Cornel Sorian is once again on board as producer, and continues to be musically compatible with Nissi on this production. We hope to hear more from these partners in crime on more tracks from Downtown when it drops next month.

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