Moses Sumney Proves He’s 'Worth It'


Haunting. Sensual. Vulnerable. These are just a few words that come to mind while watching Moses Sumney’s first music video for his single “Worth It.” The lyrics weave a touching exploration of worthiness and openness while visually complimented by the idea of connectivity gracefully shown between Sumney and dancer/choreographer Martha Nichols. The visuals for “Worth It” are more than a music video, but a delicious slice of performance art leaving the viewer exposed to a transcendent experience hidden in each of Sumney’s words.

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Simple yet powerful, “Worth It” is heavenly. The 25-year old Ghanaian artist who now calls Los Angeles home is not only a talented songwriter but also an instrument onto himself. This track from Sumney’s upcoming EP, Lamentations, displays his gift to create a sonic scape with only his voice backed with minimal production.

Fans of the Bounce-Worthy alum will get to enjoy more of Sumney’s work live as he embarks on tour with James Blake this month and performs a set of intimate shows at historic churches in LA and London mid-October. Be sure to check out Lamentations when it drops on September 30th, and stay tuned for more information on Moses Sumney's proper full-length debut album.

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