Marques Houston Wants You To 'Complete' Him


Marques Houston is making up for lost time by releasing new music and announcing his next album. The former Immature frontman is hoping to slide into your playlists with his latest single "Complete Me." Mr. Houston delivers another piano-backed ballad pretty similar to his 2015 solo effort "Need You." The new track serves as the first single off his new album, White Party, which is scheduled for release later this year.

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Directed by Chris Stokes, the video takes a page from just about every R&B video from the '90s — complete with a desert backdrop and an all-white outfit. Marques sits in the middle of the desert by his lonesome singing sweet nothings to his loved one that could melt an ice cold heart. "I just want to let you know that, baby, you completely complete me / I'm never going to let you go because, baby, you completely complete me/ And if you want to ask me why, I never want to see you cry/ 'Cause, baby, you completely complete me," he sings. The song is syrupy sweet and simple, but it is unfortunately just as dry as the desert he's sitting in.

Last month, Marques revealed his baptism on Instagram after converting to a Jehovah's Witness, and last night the saved crooner celebrated the announcement of his upcoming album with his performance in Vancouver. We last saw Marques flexing his acting chops in A Weekend With The Family on TV One back in July, and now that he's saved and back to making music, we hope Jehovah orders his steps all the way to a new hit. If you like what you're hearing from the cleaner and less raunchy Marques, you can cop "Complete Me" on iTunes and watch his latest video right here.

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