Kaytranada Helps Make A Love Connection In 'You're The One'


Let's face it, Kaytranada is kinda the man right now. The Montreal-based producer took over our playlists this year with his 99.9% and then kept that momentum going, eventually winning the coveted Polaris Music Prize, releasing companion mixtape 0.001% and producing a few of our favorite singles to come out this year. But lest we forget, music isn't the only aspect of his craft that Kaytra has down pat. He's pretty good at delivering an interesting video as well (check out "Lite Spots" is you don't believe us) and he delivers another fine one with the clip for "You're The One."

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The clip starts off with a fun nod to '90s sitcoms as his and featured singer Syd's names are spelled out in a font similar to that of sitcom Martin — and the classic sitcom and comedy references don't stop there. We then see a group of ladies having a slumber party as they sing along to the song while wielding hair accessories à la a scene from Living Single. Through a news report on television, they learn that an African prince is looking for love and has his eye on one of them (Coming to America, anyone?) and place a phone call in to the hotline listed on the screen. In comes Kaytra, who acts as a liaison to help the prince find his lady, delivering gifts and taking them on shopping sprees to get her ready to meet the prince. When they finally make it to the royal ball, Kaytra cuts a rug as the prince and the potential princess lock eyes. But something surprising happens when the prince presents his lady with a blinding rock. What, you ask? Well you'll just have to see for yourself.

Check out the video below and, if you haven't already, pick up 99.9% from your music retailer of choice.

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