JoJo's Sings About A 'Mad Love'

Jojo Mad Love

JoJo hops in an R&B time machine to the '60s on the title track of her new album Mad Love. As a follow up to her more contemporary collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, it's fairly obvious that JoJo was feeling some type of way and listening to old school doo wop groups when she made "Mad Love."

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The song opens with the familiar strains of the classic R&B genre, while JoJo's voice floats between low harmonies and her airy upper register over horns and percussion. This is a precursor for the way that she then moves between her sweet tones in the third chorus, her vocal flexing on the bridge and then back to the low notes for the end of the song, making the listener feel like they're on an emotional roller coaster ride with her.

JoJo is singing about the ups and downs of love and being in and out of your feelings with some straight-no-chaser lyrics. "You took a knife to my heart, cut up the rational parts," she sings about a lover who just won't do right.

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"Mad Love" reminds us not only of the range of JoJo's vocals but that her talent knows no bounds as she hopscotches from one genre to the next and from era to era. This song is a surefire way to get us ready for the release of an album that's been 10 years in the making on October 14th. You can pre-order Mad Love the album on her official site now.

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