Chris Brown & Bryson Tiller 'Keep You In Mind' With Their Collaboration


Chris Brown might be currently embroiled in yet more legal drama, but the "Run It" singer hasn't let that slow him down one bit. Instead, he's dropped a slew of singles and loosies, including "Grass Ain't Greener," "What Would You Do?" and a fleshed-out version of "Lady In The Glass Dress." Now Chris returns with yet another new song, and this time it's an inevitable collaboration with up-and-comer Bryson Tiller. The twosome combine forces to get the ladies hot and bothered with their new track "Keep You In Mind."

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"Keep You In Mind" is actually a redo of the Guordan Banks song of the same name, though Chris and Bryson add and subtract a few things here and there to make it their own. The jam kicks off with a truly seductive synth bass line that fades in from nothing before kicking off with Breezy spitting game to a shorty as more electronic instrumentation warms up the song's chilly groove. He's soon joined by young Pen Griffey as they tag team the track, trading verses and ad-libs as they seduce the ladies with raunchy come-ons that are sure to make you blush while considering their offer. But the most alluring thing about the track is how well Chris and Bryson's vocals and styles work together, leaving us wondering what future collaborations between the two would sound like.

If you're in a carnal mood, or looking to get there, might we suggest that you press play on this one and let nature do the rest.

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