Brasstracks & Masego's 'Melanin Man' Is Poppin'


Traditionally, the sounding of a trumpet indicates the arrival of someone of importance or signals the start of a celebration. With a trumpet featuring prominently, the new track “Melanin Man” from Brooklyn-based production duo Brasstracks and Masego get the party started and celebrates the beauty and influence of brown skin. With Brasstracks members Ivan Jackson on trumpet and Conor Rayne on drums, their larger-than-life, big band sound meshes perfectly with a jazzy, soulful kick.

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"Melanin Man" serves as an in-your-face anthem celebrating the Black man, and, in times like these, our soul needs a bit of soothing. Saxophonist/vocalist Masego's lyrics -- “We done earned the right to floss a bit / We been running, beaten, talked down cause our skin / I shine bright through the hate / I'm a king, she a queen, they all know we great” and, later, “I can see you’re a fan /My culture is your new trend” -- call out racism and cultural appropriation in a bouncing jam that is unapologetically Black.

Whether partying with your squad on a rooftop in these waning days of summer or marching in a #BlackLivesMatter protest, this pro-Black collaboration between Brasstracks’ “future brass” and Masego’s “trap house jazz” provides the perfect soundtrack. "Melanin Man" can be found on Brasstracks' recently released EP, Good Love, which also features Roses Gabor, Jay Prince and Lido, and can be copped on Amazon, iTunes or Google Play.

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