Bask In Mads Langer & Coco O.'s 'Afterglow'


Over the years, we've heard Coco O. collaborate with a few of our faves, most notably her partnership with Robin Hannibal as Quadron, in case you didn't know. But her latest collaboration has definitely caused us to sit up and pay attention. It's not just because the track, "Afterglow," is amazing (Coco's involved, how could it not be?). It's also because it introduced us to an incredible Danish singer by the name of Mads Langer. In fact, it's actually his song, from his latest album Reckless Twin, and Coco is the featured artist (and co-writer). But the two are such a perfect vocal match that it's a wonder they haven't worked together sooner.

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In support of the single, Langer recently released a music video for the song. Shot live in Copenhagen's Thorvaldsens Museum, director Sebastian Birk keeps our focus on the singers — Langer seated at the piano and Coco standing in front of the microphone. There's also a lovely string quartet on stage, yet the camera's focus creates an atmosphere of intimacy, like we're witnessing a fragile moment between former lovers. Mads and Coco's delicate handling of the breathtaking ballad makes it feel almost weightless, though it's heavy with emotion.

This may be our first introduction to Mads Langer, but we're definitely hooked. Get caught up in the video below and head to iTunes to purchase Reckless Twin. You can also follow Mads on Twitter and Instagram or catch him live during his solo tour in Denmark. As for Coco, a recent teaser promises more new music on the horizon. Follow her on Instagram and SoundCloud for updates.

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