Amidst The Chaos, Aaron Taylor Declares Everything Will 'Be Alright'


Hope. It's the first word that comes to mind upon first listen of London-based musician, producer and singer/songwriter Aaron Taylor’s new single, “Be Alright.” The funk of the bass line and the bop of the drums are just as uplifting as the lyrics. He spiritedly declares, “We’re more than they say we are,” and confidently reminds us that, “As long as we’ve got God, it’s all good,” giving listeners the energy needed to keep going during these trying times. Resilience is showcased all up and through this track, from the guitar to the horns, and is punctuated with brilliantly placed chord progressions.

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“Be Alright" is the first release from Taylor’s upcoming EP entitled Better Days, which is due to be released this fall. He says that he wrote the song as a “statement of support" and says, “Sometimes you need to encourage and remind yourself things will be OK.” He proclaims that the single is exactly that, “an encouragement to ourselves and a reminder of a simple truth that we will all be fine in time. We may need to rebel, we may need to struggle, but we’ll be good.”

Earlier this year, Aaron Taylor released his debut EP, Still Life, and a song from the collection, "Lesson Learnt," was featured in a major TV ad for Apple Watch. Get familiar with this talent on the rise with his new song and the commercial spot right here.

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