'You'll Never Find' Another Teedra Moses Remix Like Tony Tokyo's


It's hard to believe that it's been 12 years since Teedra Moses first stepped on the scene with her classic debut, Complex Simplicity. If you're anything like us, then much of the album is still in regular rotation, including the Jadakiss-assisted single "You'll Never Find (A Better Woman)." Just when you thought that it wasn't possible to love that song anymore, it gets a fresh reboot thanks to London-based producer Tony Tokyo (not to be confused with Tokyo Toni).

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In Tony's hands, the song gets transformed from an underground soul tune into a deep house song that will send you heading straight to the dance floor. Teedra's voice glides perfectly across the deep pocket grooves Tony brings to the table. She tiptoed towards dance territory on the Boddi Satva-produced "Skin Diver," which in turn inspired multiple house remixes. Those examples, combined with this latest remix, leaves us wondering how long we'll have to wait for a proper Teedra Moses house tune? While we hope the Lioness takes this into consideration, we can at least satisfy our cravings with Tony's sweat-inducing version. Also, be sure to head over to his SoundCloud page to check out other remixes he has done, like this smoking hot one of Aaliyah's "If Your Girl Only Knew."

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