Rihanna Embraces Her Fans In Paris In 'Goodnight Gotham'


Rihanna loves the fans. Her Navy is one of the most loyal group of fans on the Earth, perhaps only second to the BeyHive (though we're sure that if the fan armies ever went toe-to-toe, the Navy might just come out on top). Rihanna repays that loyalty in spades, often staging special meet-and-greets with them, sharing special backstage moments and even coaching a few fans during trying times. One of the coolest things she's ever done for fans, though, has to be the time that she met a mob of her fans in Paris. Luckily, cameras were rolling when she did and the footage has now become the video for ANTI track "Goodnight Gotham."

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Only lasting just over a minute, the clip shows the singer arriving by car to Paris' Trocadero Square. Once she gets there, she can hardly contain her excitement. She hops out and runs to the crowd, grabbing a couple of fans in an embrace before becoming engulfed by her adoring public. She then crowd surfs, takes selfies and smiles as her fans collectively lose their s**t. All the while, "Goodnight Gotham" plays in the background, just loud enough to hear but not really loud enough that you're paying attention to the song. Instead, we get to see just how much RiRi loves her Navy and why her Navy loves her.

Spend a minute in Paris with Rihanna when you check out the clip below.

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