Ric Wilson's EP Is Sure To Make Your 'Soul Bounce'

Ric Wilson_SoulBounceEP

As we've mentioned before, a good way to capture our attention is to have a project or album share the same name with this site. However, the only way to actually hold our attention is to have the music actually be good. Rapper Ric Wilson checks off all of those boxes and then some with the release of his smartly-named EP, Soul Bounce.

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Following the model of the EP's title track, "Soul Bounce," Wilson creates a bouncy, upbeat world filled with optimism and socially-conscious statements. From the time the EP kicks off, listeners hop aboard this non-stop train that combines house, '80s soul and food-for-thought lyrical content. Vocally, his delivery brings to mind Drake in that not-quite-singing/not-always-rapping way that Drizzy does but with lyrics that actually contain substance. Instead of harping on being curbed by some girl, Wilson instead often dips into self-affirming territory, like on "Powerful," where he admits, "And when I get insecure, I look in the mirror and claim my perfection." Self-love and celebration are sprinkled throughout most of the EP's seven tracks, lending a positive vibe that is sure to uplift the spirit of anybody within earshot.

On the soulful "We Love Us" featuring David Ellis and Daryn Alexus, Wilson pens a love letter to his community in which he addresses loving it through the good, the bad and the ugly. His Chicago roots are sure to also draw comparisons to his fellow Windy City MC, Chance the Rapper, who also delves into the social ills facing society today. While that is a fair comparison to make, it's evident that Wilson is effortlessly creating his own lane — a lane that is sure to leave listeners both sweaty and ready to take on the world.

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