Nissi’s Class Is In Session, So 'Pay Attention'


UK newcomer Nissi’s debut single "Pay Attention" blends synthetic beats, some serious drums, trap sounds and pleasant melodies to make what could be today’s "everybody get a grip" anthem. In the song, Nissi is specifically asking us to understand what luxuries freedom has afforded some of the world, while others suffer in war and poverty. She talks on the contradiction of these different standards of living and how the old adages "that’s life" and "the world ain’t all roses" are not helping the situation.

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Produced by Cornel Sorian, "Pay Attention"’s unique sound, changing rhythm and piano breaks make for an interesting if not head-bobbing track. Nissi’s voice, while sweet and full against the drums, reminds us of how millennials can roast someone and tell them what’s up with no intonation or facial expression. While you all ponder whether this is a positive or negative, when you listen to this song and truly feel Nissi's words, you may very well realize that she's singing to you.

"Pay Attention" is taken from Nissi's upcoming debut EP, Downtown, which will be released in October.

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