Mabel Is 'Thinking Of You'

Rising star Mabel is a breath of fresh air in the feel-good clip for her new single “Thinking of You.”

In the introspective cut, Mabel is seemingly confounded by a crush she can’t seem to get off her mind. So much so she’s “driving on the wrong side, thinking of you.” The '90s-inspired track boasts minimal production with a slow groove that showcases Mabel’s smooth chops.

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Speaking of the '90s, the visual for the new single is packed with throwback style references, like Aaliyah-influenced baggy clothes and long hair with the middle part. The styling for this video certainly plays a major role in invoking that old-school feel. Mabel takes us back in time as she reminisces of times past with her crush whilst set against varying cityscapes. Our favorite and most nostalgic of these is the timeless ride in the back of the convertible.

If the visual feels familiar, it’s because Mabel’s has truly been studying and seems to have gotten it right. It’s not just the '90s-inspired video concept. The use of this year’s color trend (pink and blue) in the video treatment is super-current and spot on. Not sure what we mean? You’ve seen this treatment in several videos before, like Drake's “Hotline Bling” and Rihanna’s “Work."

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Check out the video below and grab “Thinking of You” on iTunes or stream it on Spotify now.

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