Kara Walker & Ari Marcopoulos Help Santigold Unleash Her ‘Banshee’


While her music is her main form of expression, Santigold has always dabbled in other forms of artistic expression, especially when it comes to her catalog of visuals. Surprisingly, her videos from her latest album, 99¢, haven’t been that groundbreaking. (Well, maybe if you count the interactive nature of “Can’t Get Enough of Myself.”) Her latest video, for her single “Banshee,” finds the singer teaming with a couple of well-known figures in the art world to bring yet another eye-popping, avant-garde creation for us to enjoy. Kara Walker, known for her work with silhouettes, and Ari Marcopoulos, known for his photography and film work, join talents with that artist also known as Santi White to create a shadowy, interesting work that’s visually alluring.

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The clip first opens with Santigold sitting on a sidewalk holding a cardboard sign that reads “Will Work For Blood.” Soon the clip dims, showing shadows of Santi and one of Kara’s puppets in her likeness as the song’s familiar “C’mon” refrain blasts through speakers. Colored lights, which create multicolored halos of light around the shadows, are the only sources of light in the entire piece. The result is a multi-hued work of art that is fun and interesting to watch, even if there is no seeming plot to decipher or big overall message to draw from.

You can see thee musical work of art below and pick up Santigold’s 99¢ in stores now.

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