Bounce-Worthy: Sugg Savage


Sugg Savage just might have the most appropriate name in the underground music scene. The first part, “Sugg,” is honor of her addiction to all things sweet. The last part, “Savage,” a name she was using way before the term was made popular on the trap music scene, is a reference to her unapologetic outsider nature. Put together, her name translates to a pure high of self-love. Not only is this an apt description of the 20-something, DMV native and Los Angeles resident, but it’s the best way to describe her music.

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Just take a listen to her first loosie, “Funk Bounce” from the Toronto-based collective 88 Days of Fortune’s They Live music compilation album. Produced by Mister Neek, the track is an upbeat electro-house groove that incorporates handclaps, sped up vocals and a stutter-stepping sample of Dave Grusin’s “Condor! (Theme)/I’ve Got You Where I Want You,” made popular by Amerie’s “Why Don’t We Fall In Love.” However, what makes sets the whole thing off is Sugg switching between a deep mellow singing voice and playful raps. While the song seems like a simple dance track, there’s something much deeper behind the lyrics, as they reflect Sugg’s own experience of finding God. Like many of our favorite deep house cuts, there’s a religious experience hidden in plain sight as you try to “shake off the demons” and “dance in the light.”

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