Anthony Hamilton & The Hamiltones Go To The Animals On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'


If there's one thing our main man Anthony Hamilton and his backing vocalists The Hamiltones know how to do — besides creating slick, soulful harmonies, of course — it's going viral. They've already made impromptu covers of tracks like "Hotline Bling," "Come Get Her," "Watch Out" and even paid their "Respeck" to Birdman (and let's not forget that time when they gave us our own HamilTone'd theme song). Their most recent viral effort, however, involved a wayward billy goat at a state fair in Indianapolis. The "Whose Billy Goat Is This?" video racked up an amazing 7 million views on Facebook and even caught the eye of late night host Jimmy Kimmel, who brought AHam and the crew to his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, to discuss the viral phenomenon and serenade a few more animals with their sweet, soulful harmonies.

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After a brief interview, during which the fellas got to show off their "Whose Billy Goat Is This?" T-shirts (how are these not in your merch store yet, Anthony?), the crew got to work crooning about a series of animals. They laid down similar harmonies for all the animals they encountered, from a rabbit to a baby bird to an armadillo, something velvety smooth each time. While four grown-ass men singing songs to animals is in and of itself hilarious, the laughs really ensued when the fellas gave random names to creatures, with a baby chick becoming a "chicky bird" and a hedgehog becoming a "sticky back." Their antics had both us and the audience rolling.

If you want to have a good laugh and hear some good singing, we got you. Check out Anthony and The Hamiltones bringing the soul and the funny to late night below.

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