Let Your 'Soul Bounce' To Our New Theme Music Courtesy Of Ric Wilson


Following in the musical footsteps of Jill Scott's "Love Soul Bounce" and Collective Peace's "Soul Bounce," there's another act who can't get enough of SoulBounce and has written a song about us. OK, well maybe it's not all about (or about us at all...LOL), but props to Chicago MC Ric Wilson for putting our name all up and through his new song brilliantly titled "Soul Bounce."

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Ric Wilson actually popped up on our radar thanks to his fans and followers using the #soulbounce hashtag on Twitter. Come to find out, the Chitown rap phenom is gearing up to release a new album that's titled, what else, Soul Bounce, and he released the set's title track today. With our mentions blowing up, we figured we were obligated to give the track a spin, and we're glad that we did because it's rather lit.

Wilson takes listeners to the dance floor on "Soul Bounce" with an uptempo piano-driven track that feels like late '80s/early '90s house music. But while you're busy jacking your body, Ric is busy dropping jewels in his socially aware lyrics. "Hello world, I know I love me / I hope you hear me before you judge me / Hope you know me before you trust me / And see my beauties before my uglies / I'm Black and proud," Ric raps, delivering his message with a singsongy cadence to keep up with the beat. He continues by encouraging everyone listening to, "let your soul bounce." We couldn't agree more.

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Personnel on the track include Austin Peters of Outrun The Sunlight on guitar, Iz Burns of Burns Twins on trumpet and 3lo on production. Ric Wilson is the shining star here, though, and we can't wait to hear what else he conjures up on Soul Bounce, which he'll drop later this summer. While we wait, we're just going to enjoy this early birthday month gift of "Soul Bounce" the single and add it to our collections with the free download via SoundCloud.

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