'It's So Easy' To Love Phonte & Eric Roberson's First Release From 'Tigallerro'


While we can't believe it's taken so long for Phonte and Eric Roberson to come together, we're so very happy that they did. What makes us even happier is that their joint project Tigallero is just around the corner. That being said, we want to know what the project is going to sound like, and we want to know now. Well, we have to look no further as the twosome have released the set's first single, "It's So Easy," for the masses and it definitely lives up to its title.

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"It's So Easy" is as buttery smooth as the two fellas singing it. An easygoing, swaying rhythm is established from jump, with keys twinkling and unexpected synths adding ornamental flourishes to the song's sentiment. And what is that sentiment, exactly? How simple it is to love the ladies in their lives. The duo trades verses expressing the things that make them fall more in love, from just waking up next to them in the morning to the way they hold their man down. With a lot of modern day male R&B focusing on the carnal, it's a welcome change to hear brothers simply expressing a love that moves beyond the bedroom. To make it even sweeter, the entire song is a +FE affair, with Zo! and E. Jones providing production duties and Shana Tucker contributing lovely backing vocals.

You can stream "It's So Easy" right here and pick up the single when you pre-order the album on iTunes. Tigallerro is set to hit retail outlets on July 22nd.

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