India.Arie Offers Encouragement & Hope With 'Breathe'


So far, the month of July has been far more bitter than it has been sweet. It seems like every day the nation and the world is rocked by a new tragedy, from the seemingly constant police-involved shootings to the sniper attack in Dallas and now the heartbreaking attack in Nice yesterday. It's enough to make you wanna holler. In these times, many find solace in music, and luckily many artists have been vocal in recent days. The latest to step up and offer musical balm for the wounds we've all been inflicted with is singer-songwriter India.Arie and her song "Breathe."

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Written last year in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and, in particular, the death of Eric Garner, India felt compelled to share the song in light of recent events. But rather than just present it on her own, she took it further by incorporating a chorus of people from all walks — including more than a few members of the next generation — along with her trusted guitarist Blue Miller to drive the message of the song home. “Sometimes you just can't believe the things your eyes see," she begins. "So much injustice in this life and it’s happening right on your TV screen.” Though it might seem overwhelming and painful, especially with it all being broadcast on the 24-hour news cycle, India's message is simple, "continue to breathe."

Though simple in approach, India's message is powerful and is only amplified by the multicultural, multi-generational choir that she assembled for the video. Since we could all use a little hope and optimism these days, make sure to take a break from it all and press play below to allow India's soothing, inspirational message to touch your soul.

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