Hi-Five Wants You To Break 'Em Off A Piece Of That 'Kit Kat'


The last time we heard from Hi-Five, the comeback kids were basking in their "Sunshine." However, that was nearly a year ago. No need to worry, though, as the the quintet is back with another new song, and they've brought their sweet tooth with them. The fellas return with "Kit Kat," but it's not about the chocolate-covered treat...well, it kinda is, but not the kind you eat...well, it's kinda about that too, but let's just say that when you get broke off with this, much more than hunger will be satisfied.

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For their lascivious ode to, well, you know, the fellas employ smooth production consisting of strings, a velvety bass line and seductive guitar as they make their plea for some good-good. The verses keep things pretty subtle, with the singers taking turns as they hint at what it is they want (they even ask that you excuse their freakiness). However, by the chorus they get a bit bolder, singing, "Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat / Sweet chocolate, I'm with that / I promise you that I won't let it go to waste." Well, that's one way to beg for it. While comparing a lady's loving to candy is nothing new, Hi-Five does their part in making a request that could be off-putting (and, if we're being honest, a little laughable) sound a bit more suave than if it came from your average Joe.

Wanting something sweet? Take a listen to "Kit Kat" below and let us know if Hi-Five's brand of seduction satisfies your craving.

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