Cori B. Wants To Hang Out Instead Of 'Sittin' In' Her 'Room'


It's starting to look like the Broadus household just might have another music superstar in residence. In addition to family patriarch Snoop Dogg, talented singer Cori B. (who recorded her first single when she was just 10) is poised to become an R&B stunner with her new song "Sittin' In My Room."

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While the title of her latest track is reminiscent of Brandy's 1995 hit, the lyrics weave a slightly different tale. Cori already has the attention and affection of a special someone, but curfew is a helluva party pooper. As her parents blow up her cell, she debates, "What am I gonna do? Because I don't want to lie. [Was] supposed to be gone at seven, now it's going on nine." It's actually refreshing to hear this kind of cute, innocent love song from a 17-year-old. But really and truly, we're here for Cori's vocals -- pleasant tones infused with soulful sass and crisp, yet sweetly layered harmonies.

We can see why Snoop is so proud of his baby girl. Check out the Terrace Martin and Seige Monstracity production below along with her earlier release "Outside" (produced by 1500 or Nothin' crew mates, James Fauntleroy and Larrance "Rance" Dopson). Both songs are currently available via iTunes. Afterwards, you can follow Ms. Broadus on Twitter while we wait to hear more new music.

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