V. Bozeman Reveals Her Different Layers In 'Go'


Not only can V. Bozeman act and sing, but she can dance too. In her latest video for "Go," the songstress gets her Flashdance on. The video starts with V. in all black in the middle of a beautiful photoshoot when her man decides he doesn't know how to act. Just as in the song's lyrics, V. urges him to go since you really can't keep someone who doesn't want to be kept. Directed by Stephen Garnett, V. turns up the heat a notch as we watch her run away from her situation in a gorgeous fur and into an empty warehouse, where she gets her dance therapy on in nothing but a two-piece. If you happen to have a sweet tooth, V. is serving more than enough chocolate in the video.

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"Go" serves as the first single from her upcoming EP, Off 85th & Avalon, set for release in late July. We recently caught up with V. and she let us know she was working on completing the EP and talked about the single and video. "It's just a real song I think that ladies can relate to. It's an amazing video, you know, you just see the different layers that I have that a lot of people don't know about. I'm a dancer, a model...so the video is based on things that typically go on in my life and I love it."

The songstress recently teamed up with the good folks at Lincoln, using "Go" to bring her own brand of young, fresh and new to their Lincoln First Listen campaign. If you're feeling what V. is serving in the track and video, you can purchase "Go" on iTunes and Amazon and stream it on Spotify. In  the meantime, get a steamy dance lesson from V. in the video for "Go" when you press play below.

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