'Two' Is Better Than One On Ne-Yo's Latest


Although he's already an platinum-selling, award-winning singer-songwriter, that hasn't stopped Ne-Yo from getting a fresh start. Less than 24 hours ago, he launched a new SoundCloud page under the name Crown Alpha Hill. Although he didn't give much insight into the name or what exactly listeners can expect from this new phase, he did offer up a simple explanation on his Instagram page, saying, "This is my new Soundcloud (sic) where I will be posting new music regularly...starting NOW!"

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For Crown Alpha Hill's first offering, Ne-Yo delivers a sweeping ballad titled "Two." The song, a bare piano-driven tune, is a heartfelt number that is sure to be played at countless weddings going forward. According to the singer, he attempted to sing the song to his new bride, Crystal Renay, at their February wedding, but was overcome by emotion. "If you saw the vid you know it didn't go well. LOL. Emotion n' all that," he explains on his SoundCloud. "This is a song that expresses a love that makes the opinion of others mean even LESS than they actually do." If dramatic, sappy ballads are your thing, then you'll be in heaven listening to this romantic ode to love.

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